complex customised research

We have experience and expertise in both B2C and B2B markets. Our experience is predominantly in the services sector but we have also made important contributions for clients in FMCG, media and manufacturing.

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    • Market Segmentation Market Segmentation

      DBM uses advanced statistical tools to develop category models as well as predictive techniques to classify target consumers into finely differentiated groups.

    • Pricing Optimisation Pricing Optimisation

      We can support pricing models for $400 million plus markets as well as specialised segments of less than $10 million.

    • New Product Development New Product Development

      We identify the key pricing and non-pricing features of a new product or service that are most likely to appeal to the target market. Optimisation methods enable DBM to single out the best customer-centric offer at the lowest price.

    • Forecasting Forecasting

      Our models and sampling strategies predict demand for new products, forecast customer numbers and how much they are willing to pay.

    • Brand Equity Brand Equity

      Our qualitative and psychometric techniques can measure the value of a 
      brand in a competitive situation.