Your opinion influences how banks serve you!

We understand that your banking needs evolve – from the time you first learned about money and saving, from being a student and needing flexible access to your account, through to landing your first job and travelling overseas, to moving out and budgeting, and even your first home and through to planning for retirement.

With finances being an ever-changing landscape in your life, the way your bank interacts with you has changed, and so too has the variety of products and services they have to offer you.

At DBM Consultants, and in collaboration with Monash University, we conduct the Consumer Atlas survey to get your feedback, listen to how well you think your bank is addressing your needs and find out how they can better serve you. The responses you provide remain confidential, are aggregated with responses from others and will not in any way identify you to any other party or organisation.

Have your say today and make your bank work for you.

Survey participants who were recruited over the phone and complete our Consumer Atlas survey after 1st of November 2017 - are eligible to enter in to the prize draw, subject to terms and conditions. The terms and conditions for the November lottery can be found here

Winners of the Consumer Atlas lottery in the last 7 months include:

  • Telma de Oliveira in Oct 2017
  • Madeline Clenton in September 2017
  • Alan in August 2017
  • Vic Rogers in July 2017
  • Mark Strother in June 2017
  • Berly Gover in May 2017
  • Marilyn Bodnan in April 2017
  • Robyn Fowler in March 2017

To find out more about how the Consumer Atlas survey is conducted and how it will be used, you can visit our FAQ page.