In Full Focus Report

DBM Consultants is pleased to present the In Full Focus Report. Released every three months, we bring you the latest on business sentiment and business confidence from the perspective of decision-makers across the whole of Australia.

Our analysis focuses on individual industries and Australian states to better understand what drives business. For you, the In Full Focus Report is insight into today and tomorrow's economic environment, allowing you to better plan the future of your business.

The report is available for $2,400.00 (incl. GST). However, we do offer a free copy to BFSM respondents for all the input they have provided over the years.

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Find out more about the In Full Focus Report

The In Full Focus Report is our ongoing series to guide and direct businesses through today's economic environment and forward into their future. We do this by collecting the views of more than 19,000 business decision-makers from the whole of Australia, across business size and over a range of industries – we recognise that no business or industry is too small or too large when thinking about Australia's economic future.

In this report, you can discover what businesses consider the main opportunities and obstacles to growth, the intentions to increase employee numbers and revenues in the near future, and the forecast of business confidence and sentiment in Australia.

If you wish to purchase the latest issue of this report or have any further queries, please click here to be directed to our contact page and enter your details as well as "In Full Focus Report" in the subject field.