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Our credentials in financial services research are unrivalled. Over the past 20 years we have worked on more than 420 financial services research assignments. We currently work for 11 of Australia's major banking and financial services institutions, including all Top 4 majors.

In 2009, DBM's Business Financial Services Monitor (BFSM) was launched; a syndicated study providing the most comprehensive banking and financial view of the Australian business population. BFSM provides continuous insights that support retention, share-of-wallet growth and acquisition strategies for all major Australian financial institutions.

The BFSM is the largest study of its kind in Australia - nearly 20,000 online and telephone interviews per annum. DBM are regularly invited to speak about the results on TV and radio. Our media releases appear in dozens of specialised and mainstream publications each month.

DBM has four syndicated financial studies to meet your needs. Click each one to find out more:

    • Business Financial Services Monitor
    • Business Product Satisfaction Share
    • Business Advertising Tracker
    • Business Insurance Tracker

For more information about one of the syndicated financial studies, please send through any queries to

Thought Leadership in the Australian Small Business Market

DBM has consulted with peak business associations, government bodies, major financial institutions and the media using facts and figures that provide an objective understanding of the important Australian Small Business sector.

DBM contributes to industry conferences such as the Council of Small Business Associations as well in private consultations to guide thinking, dispel myths and add insights on what drives the Small Business owners and managers, using evidence from survey data obtained from DBM owned programs.  We help to understand the diversity in this sector, identify which businesses will form a part of the future growth of the Australian economy and how they are performing over time.

We recently spoke at the 2013 NAB National Small Business Summit, presenting our latest findings on the Australian Small Business Market. We raised the importance of the Small Business "Tigers", a proportion of small businesses integral to the growth of the Australian economy. To find out more, click on the link below.

The Small Business Tigers: Driving Australia's Economic Growth